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What Is The PSAT

The Preliminary SAT, or PSAT, is a standardized test, taken by over three million students each year. Most students take the PSAT during their sophomore or junior year. Scores for the PSAT determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program. The PSAT is not used for college

What Is The SAT

The SAT refers to a standardized test vastly applied for university admissions in USA. It was initially launched in 1926, and its title plus scoring have varied from time to time, being originally known as Scholastic Aptitude Test, then Scholastic Assessment Test, then SAT Reasoning Test, and

How Can I Organise My Notes

The Hidden Key to Success There exist countless motivational quotes and phrases that attempt to give ideas as to how success is achieved. Some are centered on perseverance and the favorable results that come with staying the course. Some speak of will power because things need doing,

How Should I Address My Tutors

There are absolutely no doubts about the fact that our society’s education is the future pathway to the progression of all of our nations. By having a society full of educated individuals, we can have an assurance and sense of confidence in knowing that our future is

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